I offer some services on my website and operate a few interesting projects. I will try to list them here. The list might not be exhaustive so if I have missed something, feel free to let me know.

Logo Design

A logo is a vital part of your idea’s identity. It can be placed on a website/business card/banner/billboards etc. The logo is what helps people remember you and the first thing that usually comes into their mind when they think of your project/company. It is a key part in establishing yourself and getting known. Contact me and let’s work together on creating your logo and getting that project, which you had in the back of your mind started.

Banner Design

Do you want to promote your website or product online? A banner is most of the time a clickable image that leads to wherever it’s designed to lead. It can also be put in e-mail, used as an advertisement online etc. It can be just one image or an animated/moving banner, made of multiple images and text. We can work together on getting your perfect banner designed, just contact me today.

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Some more specific services are also available on my page.


As I stated above, I run some websites/projects. You can see the current list: