A blast from the past

I was chatting with someone the other day and he reminded me that I had a very old hobby – I wrote rhymes, poems and jokes back in the days. I thought that I should share something I wrote back in 2017 on a forum + a new one.

The first one is based on System of a Down’s song – Lonely Day.

Such a lonely day (Router Version)

Such a lonely day
and I am down.
Again a lonely day of my life.

Such a lonely day,
should be banned.
Even my port wasn’t scanned.

The most loneliest day of my life.
The most loneliest day of my life.

Such a lonely day
and no kilobytes,
but I am still blinking my lights.
Even we routers have rights,
to be online all the time
you should know, bandwidth is prime.

The diary of a router

Day 1: They set me up. Is this a datacenter? Looks abandoned. Nevermind. Yupee. Time to start processing bandwidth.
Day 2: I am online, but no one is connected to me. I am just sitting here in a corner and blinking. I expect some traffic soon,
Day 3: Boring day, didn’t even see humans entering or exiting.
Day 4: Saw one guy entering with some box. He left it in the middle of the room and quickly went out.
Day 5: Random activity, but no one would pass around me.
Day 350: No one cares about me. I think people forgot that I exist. At least here I am, in my corner still blinking lights.
Day 351: I finally decided to turn off my Wi-Fi signal. No one cares about me and I got bored of it.

Hosting Woes

A host went poof,
someone did goof.
Do you need any proof,
when complaints are through the roof.

Shit does hit the fan,
support team gets a ban.
In PayPal you get dispute,
upstream goes mute.

Cables down, cables down,
Mixed in a random way.
No one laughs – NOC does frown,
Clients have shit to say.

Refund, refund they say.
You have no money to pay.
When you are down,
you look like clown,
you took a wrong way.

Thanks for reading to anyone who read it. 🙂

Dear Diary

I thought that maybe I should write something here. It’s Monday morning today – about 1 AM and I have nothing else to do.

Since it’s inception – the blog page has been empty. I am not sure whether sharing some personal stuff here is a good idea, but perhaps it’ll make me see things more clearly and give me the peace of mind I need. And to be honest, almost no one visits this website – so whatever I write will most likely not be read by anyone. But of course, I shall remove any personal and identifying information.

This week was a boring week – like any other one in my life. I am used to boring weeks :). But the weekend decided to bring me some change into it – a change, which made me so happy that I want to share it here.

But to tell you why I got so happy, I need to go back in time – a few months. I got acquainted with a girl last year (you may think that this is another boring love story, but it’s not exactly). Yep, and being the shitty person I am, I befriended her and started developing feelings – like any other guy probably and I do still have them. The sad thing is that one night our happy chats ended and most likely I was to blame. I won’t share further details for the sake of privacy.

Back to the future, this Friday, 10 months later – in the morning, she wrote to me with a fake profile. After a while of chatting, she revealed her identity and I was shocked in a good way. I’m most happiest person on Earth now. 😛 I know, you may think this is a little thing, but it isn’t for me. We’re friends, I hope our friendship becomes something more one day – but I only can hope for now – hopes and dreams are free. And I need to somehow find the courage to tell her what I think/want, which might happen some day. In any case, I do wish her the best only – no matter whether I play a part in her life or not.

If anyone read this – please accept my sincere thank you. I feel better after I wrote it. If you feel, you want to judge me – go to the Contact page. 🙂

Hello World

Today, 11th of January 2019 is the day, in which a boring placeholder page got replaced by this little wonderful website.

I would like to keep this short. Welcome, please enjoy your stay here. Over time this website will evolve, I will post more interesting things and build this little place on the internet, the way I want it to be. For now, you can just join my Discord Server and chat with me by clicking here.

Thank you!