About me


My name is Radoslav, but you can shortly call me “Radi”. I am 21 years old, last-year computer science student from Bulgaria. I would like to say a few things about myself here.

My Favourites

I don’t have a favourite music genre. I listen to anything excluding opera or classical (most songs just make me sleep). My favourite movies are: thriller, comedy, action, drama, horror and fantasy. My favourite book types aren’t of specified type – just any book I like.

My Hobbies

Like any other person, I have a few hobbies. I play computer games. Some of them, but not limited to are: League of Legends, Dota 2, Euro Truck Simulator, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Mount and Blade and many others.

My second hobby is writing. I like to write rhymes and stories, but I am an amateur. I am trying to improve though. My other hobby are phones – I just like these small handheld devices – tweaking them, customizing them, testing them and just trying to get the most out of them. I also like listening to music and watching movies for hours. Caring and driving my car is also one of my biggest hobbies – it means a lot to me. I also have other hobbies, but they are smaller and not much important, so I won’t share them here.


I am not much of a social person. Much like an introvert. I do have a few friends though, so not 100% alone. I tend to get along with people, understand them, listen to them and usually I give my opinion or advice to any problems they ever face. My relationship status – single. I like what I do and am passionate about most stuff. I tend to take spontaneous decisions and sometimes regret them, but most decisions I take are worth it. Important ones are always thought out though. I do not want to risk with serious decisions in life, as most of the time they could bring serious consequences. But to be honest, I am good at living life(for now). I am happy, I always smile and laugh. I look at things positively, no matter what. I also put people I care about before my own interests or myself.

My Abilities

I am bad at programming. Only a little good with HTML (creating simple websites from templates). I am good at program testing, server management, more of a technical guy rather than a developer. Of course, my skills are not limited to the computer. I am good at cleaning, doing chores, shopping(and wasting all my money :D) and most home stuff. I however can’t do clothes cleaning or cooking, which are the most important things. I don’t do any sports, cannot swim as well. I can speak English & Bulgarian.

This Website

I created this website to be my little place on the internet, like my own little house on the internet. It will be a hub of all things I built now or will ever build in the future.


If you have any questions about me, this website or you just want to get in touch, please see the contact page.